Paleet Interiors

Lightconcept for four entrances and ”Lightportals”

Paleet Shoppingcenter is located on Oslo`s main street, between The Kings Palace and The Parliament.

I wished that people who enter Paleet should experience passages and portals of colour and light, which remind of the Nordic light and nature. Like in nature, the scenes are changing, from ”Northern lights” to ”Rainbows”, or to ”The Midnight Sun”.

Depending on your mood, one day you maybe feel like ”Walking on a glacier”, or just enjoying ”An autumn evening in the woods”, while watching a ”Blue bird”singing.

The ”Portals og light”, towards Karl Johan welcome the visitor, – one may choose to pass through the the blue, green, red, or the orange threshold.

With advanced light – and computer technology, I created abstract lightpaintings, programmed to change according to an elaborate schedule.

My hope is that the visitor will discover where he or she should like to be, choose a preferate ”season” or ”place in nature”, create own associations, maybe even turn an ordinary day into a special day, or get inspired to new ideas.