Calina Yttredal

Currently exhibiting at ART UpCLOSE, New York, NY. Next exhibit: AVA Galleria, Helsinki, Finland, opening reception September 20, 2016

Calina Pandele Yttredal started her art studies at an early age and have a classic artistic background from Norway and abroad. She explores the relationship between light, color and space in her paintings, lighting sculptures, public art commissions, and site – specific concepts.

Ever since early childhood, she drew and painted her dreams in strong colors. The clear light of the polar night which appeared to her inner eye as a child, she met again as a grown-up when she visited Northern Norway. It was an emotional meeting with a sublime and wild landscape, which she, in a strange way, felt that she knew from before.

Yttredal artistic production encompasses a wide range of materials, techniques and formats. She combines traditional techniques in painting and drawing with new technology, depending of the content of the work. One challenge she has given herself has been to preserve the painting as a concept, but expand it by exploring new avenues that combine color pigment and light. The medieval stained glass combines color and light thanks to the transparency of the glass. Mixing a color with white paint on canvas will brighten up the colour, but curb it simultaneously. Transparency may replace the use of white to keep the color intensity. In her search for answers, Yttredal began to experiment with new materials that can be used almost like oil painting, but still have other properties. By mixing interferent, iridescent and transparent media in many layers, Yttredal developed a special technique. The colors on the work`s surface interact with the surrounding light and change character. They also change in relation to the viewer’s position.

Cycles in nature and in human life, the changeable, is a theme Calina Pandele Yttredal is concerned with. Through this technique, the paintings communicate more subtle meanings as they possess stratas inviting the spectator`s gaze beyond the surface. An optical dynamic on the picture’s surface appears over time, expressing the ideea of transformation.

An example is the 10 m long public art commission “Landscape of Finnmark” which was recently inaugurated at Kirkenes Snowhotel. Yttredal used iridescent and transparent media on special kind of plexiglass which was mounted directly on the glass facade. Painting and nature interact. Integrated LED light with changing scenarios in shades akin to those in nature, contributes to the impression that the work lives and interacts with the environment, in relation to the time of day, weather, seasons.

Yttredal`s works has been shown in solo and group exhibitions both in Norway and abroad, such as USA, France, Italy, Brasil, Finland, Romania, and she has participated at national exhibitions, such as State Autumn Exhibition in Oslo. Her works have been acquired by several public institutions and private collectors.

Calina Pandele Yttredal has been commissioned a number of artistic projects and public art works, including lighting design, scenography, portrait paintings. She has featured in several radio- and TV programs, both in Norway and abroad.

Yttredal has published three books through Gyldendal Publishing House. In 2012 she published the book “Light. Color, Design, Communication” through Fagbokforlaget, where she explores how light and color affect us, both in nature and in art. She has taught, held courses and given lectures at national and international conferences, a number of institutions including the Norwegian National Academy of Fine Arts in Oslo, Oslo University College, National Museum of Art, and Lyskultur – the Norwegian Lighting Institute.

Calina Pandele Yttredal has received a number of study-, work-, and travel grants, among others from the The Norwegian State, The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and lately from the Fund of Norwegian Non-fiction Writers. In 2009 she received the “Art and Business Award” 2009, for the lighting art commission “A One Year`s Lighting Cycle” at Paleet Karl Johan, Oslo.

Art historian Anne Kristine Sollund says about Calina Pandele Yttredal`s works: “She gives us access to new worlds, and also a new vision of our own. She has small paintings, large lighting installations, and spectacular outdoor work. They belong stylistically perhaps most within the surrealist tradition, but first and foremost they are an individual language of her own. And they have something fundamental in common: Wonderment and desire that art should live on through the viewer.

The openness of interpretation is something that concerns Yttredal. She wants people to experience and understand her art individually. One can see it in the context of Immanuel Kant’s postulate that one can never know what is true out there, “Das Ding an Sich”, because it depends on the viewer: “Das Ding für Mich.” It allows art to be understood and perceived differently by each person, it gets a movement like the reflections of light in the art of Calina Pandele Yttredal”.

Art historian Hilde Hernes says about Calina Pandele Yttredal`s works: “Her works are complex. She creates poetic images that take you on a journey inward in the human mind.

At the same time she manages to capture the reality which we all are part of. In a subtle way she blends romantic and surreal elements that surprise and fascinates. She orchestrates man and nature. Calina Pandele Yttredal is a storyteller. Her expression is particular for her. This is an artist with a wealth of references, which precisely constitutes the multi-artist she is. Her paintings are small pearls of wisdom we can take with us on our own journey ahead in life.”

Website: http://www.calinayttredal.com/

Blog: https://calinayttredal.wordpress.com

Video “Artist Talk”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AsZUvNgZ8BU

Presentation “Wind-Eye”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kF1uP7fPRHQ

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